The Wild Child

Wild Child

It isn’t every day the “Wild Child” of class (or work space) gets much positive affirmation or recognition.

But this is exactly why I am falling heart over head over heels for yoga.

In case you missed it: Over the past year, I’ve found a new space to unleash some extra energy towards. Both physically and creatively, I’ve been making some moves that are a little different than the repetitive grind and motion of running. Sure. Over the course of 60 hot minutes, rather than log an extra 8 miles for the week, I instead only manage to cover a 2 foot x 6 foot area of space, which includes the practice of lying down at the end for a good five minutes in complete stillness and shavasana… yeah… I know. This sort of shit is scoffable and hardly braggable to all the Garmin and Strava devotees and disciples out there.

But… Big butt…

I like big butts (especially in downward dog) and cannot lie

Deep down, I began to feel that these moves were propelling me forward in a good direction.

And then, well, would you look at that…

Oh golly. I feel like a kid again! April Student of the Month! Thank you, Esenem! It feels good to be seen.

(See excerpt below from the Esenem newsletter if you care to hear more about my latest venture and exploration in yoga.)

Esenem's April Student of the Month
Esenem’s April Student of the Month

Although I usually enjoy remaining “A Woman of Mystery,” in most of my endeavors (and most of the time I truly do not where I headed to next)… my heart is ready to share a little more about this whole yoga thing I’ve gotten myself twisted into, in more ways than one.

First of all, yeah I admit… I’m addicted. Call me to meet you for a drink these days, and I’m probably “busy yoga-ing” as I call it and respond back late, like the flake I am.

Second of all, I also call this yoga-ing business, “studying.” Take me seriously, dammit.

Third, this is because I am. I am studying. I am signed up and ready to go for my 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training with Vertical Soul Yoga. Expected completion: September 2017.

Fourthly, my little “road trip/adventure” last month to Sedona (if you remember), was a pre-game and introduction I felt I needed to take. NOT a vacation. I hardly ever saw the sun, mostly only moonlight. But I did come back with 20 CEU hours worth of this:

PTSD Training Certification: Healing with Yoga.
PTSD Training Certification: Healing with Yoga.


And that really is all I have to say for now.

I still love running. I am running lots. And lots. But… (big butt), I also have this new, strange love and dedication for yoga. So I am exploring that.

I’m stuck in Flagstaff till at least September, probably Halloween time… But its cool. Because I am doing something. No big plans just yet to report after that.

And yeah, I am still a fucking “Wild Child.”

I always will be.

Namaste bitches. <3