snowshoebigbearSnowshoe race? Why? Because. Fact: You only live once.

It is a fact… that I have not reported on life since Thanksgiving….

It is a fact…  that you probably have not noticed, nor really care…

You are too busy living your life (hopefully), just as I am too busy living mine.

However, I do care.  I have missed my blog and have longed for a spare hour or so of free time to sit down and spew word vomit all over the place (disgusting and offending many, but when the worst is over, all I can do is pat my belly and chuckle, feeling better for getting it all out).

Four months have gone buy… A quarter of a year has passed without the opportunity to sit down and take a critical and satirical note on the events that have occurred this winter… and shit… some major shit has happened.

Where to begin? And how to cover it all without oversharing and/or overwhelming?  It is no easy task. And I probably will not pull it off. That is my disclaimer. Click the X on the upper corner of the screen to relieve yourself from whatever disgrace to humanity that follows under my name.

I’m delving into this blog entry without a plan.  God, help us all.

I think for organizational purposes, I am going to bullet point this material.  And then, I will take a vote on what topics need further attention and archived retrospect… READER’S CHOICE.  Because…

 It is a fact… that I won’t cover it all before this beer knocks me out and puts me straight to bed.

 Proposed Topics and Events for Further Discussion:

  • Training and Working: The life as an athlete/lift operator/bartender/server/house sitter/coffee barista/kmart checker-outer/bike shop chick for a day/and whatever other job you can think of, I probably did it spiel… and how it all works, or doesn’t work.
  • I used to talk shit. But then I tried it. Now I Crossfit.
  • That one week when I tried to quit drinking beer… and other half-assed diet experiments including paleo and nixing gluten.
  • Carlsbad Marathon.  The first 26.2…”Surf, Sun, Run,” and getting her done.
  • San Diego Zoo (and other San Diego things). Because who doesn’t like cute, fluffy, baby pandas? (And really fine men and really fine beer.)
  • The Murderer Next Door.  Christopher Dorner‘s last hours and how I cock-blocked his morning escape plan.
  • Yaktrax, crampons, ski poles, an escape to the desert, Snowshoe the Bear 10K race, and surviving a Big Bear winter without a treadmill/dread mill.
  • A weekend business trip to Jacksonville, Florida. Highlights include the 15K Gate River Run, a pint glass in my goodie bag, a collection of my finest running friends, eating alligator, and shaking our legs around… and there was something about a stanky leg too.

And now…

It is a fact… that you should vote.  I am dying to dish some dirty details on at least one of these topics, so tell me where to begin (please!).