Beginning of Blah Blah Blog


It seems as though I have a tiny following generating among my facebook friends that generally “like” the shit I post, usually which I mother while I am half delusional from a run, or half drunk from a half finished six pack… and perhaps admittedly, or say, more frequently, a combination of both.

Maybe I have a unique take on life?  Or maybe I am just another one of those self-proclaimed fucks running around aimlessly in this mad internet world, posting and adding to the useless knowledge available via world wide web (if it can even pass as knowledge) while subsequently wasting my time in front of this computer screen. (I prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper personally.)

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Even I cannot stand reading/ writing/ listening to my own inner voice for too long.

But, I am going to give this blog a “run,” damnit.

And it is for all of you; that might want more than a brief snippet of a facebook status, and a more thorough, sad look into the twisted mind that I own. I really do not understand why (?)… but fuck it, everyone likes attention, and I will take yours like the little whore I am.

 This is my personal endeavor into PR work. That’s directed towards you, Dan Wallis. We may have some serious work to do...

To close out the night before I lose any more public privileges, or I pass out in my own good judgment, this comes at a time of great indecision and confusion- which I hope adds some interest to my otherwise stale and unnoteworthy life…  I am looking towards a future of professional running for however long my body decides it would like to endure the abuse.

Many close friends or casual observers/creepers may claim “malarkey!”

To add to this state of disbelief, my good friend/ “mate,” David Flynn, just texted me, calling me a “disgrace” for not knowing the website, of which currently, I am ranked 13th in the world in the 10k… (this will last a total of 24 hours at maximum), so don’t wet your pants.

I told him to fuck off. Previously, I involved myself in the whole running business to “maintain a nice a nice ass,” and to “burn of beer calories.”

Welcome to my world. It’s about to get weird.